Product List 

Clean Sterilizer & 

Air Shower

Allow people to resume normal life at malls and high densitiy population sites, with gate sterilisation and air showers. Utilising HPA and sterilising mist formula the gate can clean a person from head to toe. Using Ion technology, the air shower provides a full body clean for "white" areas. 

UV Sterilizer

UV Sterilisation is becoming common place, to clean commonly shared items such as utensils in cafeteria, to childrens toys at daycare. We can provide UV sterilisation for any place of work or play.

Open Type Clean Sterilizer  

Size      : 1200X200X2200mm


Nozzle : Fine spray nozzle 8EA per person

Lamp   : LED Lamp 2EA

Air Shower  

Size                             : 190X130X220cm~ 190X430X220cm

Power consumption   : 1600W ~ 6400W

Maximum air volume : 34cmm ~ 102cmm

UV Sterilizer  

Size    :  600X520X700mm~1500X600X1900

Specs :   100~230V, 50~60Hz / 3kW

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