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Thermo( IR ) Camera

South Korean airports have had IR Cameras installed during the SARS outbreak of 2003 and have been in use ever since. One of the many reasons why Korea was able to curb the amount of outbreaks is this as a safety measure to stop the flow of new cases from happening. Currently they are installed in most large buildings and educational institutions to bring back a semblance of normal life. Please consider this as the first line of defence for the current pandemic and for any future pandemics. 


Array Size : 80x80

Optics (HFOV) : 58º

Target Temp. Tange : 0ºC ~ 200ºC

Frame Rates : 30 fps

Output : TCP/IP, UDP (Network)


Array Size :         160x120 (Thermal)

                            1920x1080 (Visible)

Optics (HFOV) :

            Thermal : 40º (H) x 30º (V)

            Visible :    90º (H) x 50º (V)

Target Temp. Tange : 0ºC ~ 200ºC

Frame Rates : 9 fps

Output : Ethernet 100Mbps


Array Size :         160x120 (Thermal)

                            2688x1520 (Visible)

Optics (HFOV) :

            Thermal : 50º (H) x 37.2º (V)

            Visible :    25º (H) x 18.7º (V)

Target Temp. Tange : 30ºC ~ 45ºC

Frame Rates : 25 fps

Output : RTSP, TCP/UDP (Network)


Array Size :         120x90(Thermal)

                            320x240 (Visible)

Optics (HFOV) : 50º (H) x 38º (V)

Target Temp. Tange : -20ºC ~ 150ºC

Frame Rates : 25 fps

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