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N95 Mask

N95 Mask filtering facepiece respirators are NIOSH approved and designed to help provide respiratory protection against certain airborne contaminants when used in accordance with all use instructions and limitations and applicable safety and health regulations

Surgical/Dental Mask

With summer and prices of N95 masks fluctuating, Surgical/dental masks are a great alternative. Currently our product has 3 layers, MB type mask with a filtration rate of minimum 95%. It is categorised as Type 2R (EU) and Class 3 (USA). For an easy way to protect yourself and love ones, consider this as your first choice.

 N95 Mask  

Item :                         Disposable & Single-use mask

Configuration :          3 Layers

Type :                         2D folded type

Grade :                      N95

Color :                        White

Filter Efficiency (%) : Min. 95

  Surgical Mask   

Item :                          Dental/Surgical Mask

Configuration :           3 Layers

Type :                          MB Mask (95% filtration 95bfp)

Grade :                        Type 2R (EU), Class 3 (USA)

Color :                         White

Filter Efficiency (%) :  Min. 95

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