COVID19 prevention,

when you need it the most


As COVID19 continues to disrupt the lives of citizens around the world, Cross Border Associates AG (CBA AG) has taken up the fight to source and provide clients with reliable and practical Korean-made COVID19 prevention products, in order to help stop its spread in public places.

As a business strategy and support company with a 40 year track record, established global presence, and ties to some of the largest health care providers in South Korea, CBA is committed to providing a one-stop, bespoke service for firms looking for partners,JV & distribution opportunities of Korean-made anti-COVID19 products

 We understand that each country has its own set of regulations when it comes to introducing products to mitigate the spread of COVID19, hence we pursue global standards of superior medical technology through qualified medical and support advisors, and our ongoing review of Korea-made, cutting edge technology, to keep ourselves in line with our commitment. "Thanks to our in-country team of professionals fluent in Korean and over 80 combined years of product development experience at your disposal, not only do you have the superior advantage of eliminating the language barrier, you will also be provided with access to meetings with top level anti-COVID19 manufacturing firms around Korea.


Industry certified products currently available for purchase range from IR cameras and hygiene masks, to surface protection film and COVID 19 testing kits. As the pandemic continues to grow and evolve, we seek to match that pace by always striving to improve our range of products. CBA is confident that we will be able to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients and the affected nations of the world."  For more information, visit our links below, or write us an email to find out access to our full product catalogue.



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